Introducing Shared Inbox for Secure-Mail

Brightsquid Secure Health Exchange is pleased to announce the launch of several new features and upgrades to the Secure-Mail service.


The following changes will be implemented for Secure-Mail users on March 31 2017.


Shared Inbox

The shared inbox functionality introduced in this release is intended to allow multiple staff members in a practice to collaboratively manage and respond to incoming messages from patients.

Subscribers to Secure-Mail who have more than one member will be see the new Shared Inbox in the upper left corner of their Secure-Mail interface.  This shared inbox will receive all incoming messages sent to your organization, primarily messages sent by your patients, however other practices and professional users have the option to send messages to your shared inbox as well.

Users will still have their own personal inboxes and optional access to shared inbox as well.

A short video demonstration of the feature can be viewed here:  Shared Inbox Demo



Patient Interface Update

Patients will now experience an interface similar in style to what most professional users see.


Mobile User Access

The Brightsquid Secure-Mail interface is 100% browser based and has been optimized for use on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and Android).  There is no need for a dedicated "app" for any device as users may access their Secure-Mail accounts by logging in via the web browser on their mobile devices.


Editable Patient Birth-dates

Mistakes happen, in data entry and data collection.  As of this release; practices who invite patients may edit the patient's date of birth if the patient is unable to validate the date to create their Secure-Mail account.



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