Shared Inbox

How Shared Inbox Works:

Inbound messages:

  • Messages sent to the clinic are delivered to the Shared Inbox and are visible to all clinic Staff - for patients or other clinics, it’s a lot like calling the clinic phone number.
  • When any Staff member reads a message, the message status updates for all Staff
  • Messages can be marked Unread if the message has not been addressed
  • Messages in the Shared Inbox can be forwarded to Clinicians or collaborators as needed

Outbound messages:

  • Each Staff user can send messages either from the shared account, or their personal account.
  • When messages are sent to a patient the sender defaults to the shared clinic account so that the thread is visible to all Staff
  • Staff members can send messages directly to the patient from their personal account


How to access the 'Shared Inbox' features:

Shared inbox is a feature that distinguished secure communication originating from professional colleagues and patients.


For paid subscriptions, with the administrator account being the only active account, the shared inbox feature is immediately active and cannot be turned off.


Once a support user account is subsequently activated, shared inbox feature would transfer to the newly created user, transferring this feature from the account admin. Only the account admin can manage the shared inbox settings.

To manage shared inbox, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the 'Settings' gear wheel, highlighted red in the image below, to reveal account admin options.

  2. Select the 'Clinic Members' tab. Click on the 'More' link, next to the 'Clinic Member' name, to expand the user settings.
  3.  When the profile expands check the 'Shared Inbox' box to grant/revoke this feature for the 'Clinic Member'. Click the 'Save' button to make the changes permanent.


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