Updating the DOB and sending a reminder

After three attempts, if the patient does not enter the DOB associated with the invitation, the registration is suspended. The patient's email address would also be removed from the ‘Pending Patients’ list once the registration was unsuccessful. The following steps, create a new invitation for the patient and shows how to correct the DOB.


1. Compose a message to send a new registration invitation to the patient. The platform has a record of the email address for the patient. Click on the ‘Add’ button to insert the email address into the recipient field of the message. Then proceed to complete the message and send.



2. Access your ‘Patients Contacts’ in your Secure Health Exchange account.



3. Locate the patient’s email address and select it. 


*Note* The orange exclamation mark next to the email address indicates an outstanding invitation. 



4.Edit the patient's DOB. 


*Note* When changing the DOB a reminder is automatically sent once the DOB change is completed. 















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