Administer Accounts and Settings

The Secure Health Exchange allows a single or multiple users to become an administrator. Admins have access to creating additional staff users for within the office as well as the ability to modify and edit the organizations info.

To view the admin page:

  1. Click on the 'Settings' gear wheel, highlighted red in the image below. It is located to the bottom left of your account features to reveal admin options.
  2. To modify and/or edit the organization info, select the 'Clinic Details' tab. Only accounts that have subscription admin status can make changes to this section.
  3. To grant/revoke access to service features or to update some account settings for subscription accounts select the 'Clinic Members' tab. To grant/revoke features/roles for an account, please click on the 'More' link, next to the 'Clinic Member' name, to expand the user settings.
  4.  When the profile expands check the appropriate box to grant/revoke access to service features. You can edit the 'Signature' and turn on/off the external visibility of the subject field for the 'Clinic Member'. Click 'Save' to make any changes made permanent or 'Reset' to restore default values. To remove the account from the subscription, click the 'Delete' button. When complete, click 'Less' to collapse the 'Clinic Member' user settings.




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