Downloading and Viewing Attachments in the Secure Health Exchange

To Download an attachment sent to you:

  1. Log in to your Secure Health Exchange Account.  Select a message containing an attachment, in your inbox, you would like to view or download. *NOTE* Messages containing attachments have a paperclip icon to signify there are attachments included (Red arrow in the image points to the paperclip).


  2. The attachments are shown just beneath the message. Hovering over the attachment produces one of two actions:

    * If the attached file is an image (*.jpeg, *.png and *.gif) or PDF, you can view the artefact in the Secure Health Exchange viewer. 'Click to View' and the viewer is loaded in a separate window within your browser.

    * The 'red arrow' in the image points to the 'Download' to the top right of the attached file. Clicking that icon downloads the individual file based on your internet browser settings. To the top right of the attachments is the 'Download All' option. There are instances, as in the image below, where multiple files are addressed to you. It would be time consuming to download each file. Clicking 'Download All' downloads all the files attached as a Zip file also based on your web browser settings.





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