Inviting new Users to Secure Health Exchange

You may invite new recipients to the Secure Health Exchange so that they can communicate with you. Invitees will not be able to send and receive Secure Mail until they accept the invitation.  To accept the invitation, the user simply needs to click the link in the invitation email & create a free account.

To invite a new user, compose a secure-mail message to the recipient. Doing so automatically sends an invite to the unregistered email address. You will be given an option to select if they are a patient, colleague at your own practice or colleague at another practice.


*Note* Depending on the relationship selected you will be given additional options. For patients, a birthdate is required for verification purposes. The patient must enter the exact same date entered in this field. If the birthdate is failed 3 times the invitation will be canceled and a notification will be sent telling them to contact the sender to resend the invite. Until then, an invitee will be locked out from the registration process.

*Note* For colleagues at my practice you must indicate if they are Clinician or Staff

Invitees to the Secure Health Exchange will receive an email with a link taking them to the registration page. They will be prompted to complete the registration process to access the information, they only have to register the first time and will reuse the same account for an subsequent messages.

If the invitation is not accepted by the recipient or cancelled by the sender the Secure-Mail system will send up to 3 reminders to the recipient. These reminders are sent on day 3, day 15 and day 30 after the initial invitation. 

Note that after 30 days have passed the invitation will expire and the recipient will have to be re-invited.

Senders can choose to manually send a reminder if desired, instructions for this process are below.


*Note* Each type of user (patients and colleagues) will have a different registration experience. “Patients” are required to provide the birthdate, “Colleagues at my practice” are asked to verify their organization & Colleagues at another practice are asked to enter their practice details. 



It is also possible for you to know which invitations have not yet been accepted.

To see which invitees have not yet accepted their invitation click on the "Directory" or "Patient" options in your 'Contacts'. A recipient who has not yet activated their account would show their email address with an orange triangle icon. A reminder is sent, in intervals and about three in total, up to 30 days after the initial invitation was sent. 




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