Managing Secure Health Exchange Personal Account Settings

Your personal account profile allows the Brightsquid user to make changes to their local account settings. You can manage the display name, update email address, change your password and/or manage your messaging signature and subject line.

  1. Click on the 'Settings' gear wheel, highlighted red in the image below. It is located to the bottom left of your account features to reveal admin options.
  2. The 'Personal Details' tab is first displayed for you to manage. The user can make adjustments to their account profile features:
    'Edit Personal Details' manages the name and email address associated with the account. Edit if the user managing this account changes or you are updating to a new email address.

    'Change Password' internally manages your password based on your security policy. A password should be minimum eight characters with at least one capital and one numeric. If the password is forgotten on the login there is a 'Forgot Password' link.

    'My Secure-Mail Signature' manages the notification message sent on the account user behalf. Edit this signature with your preferred privacy statement if needed. By default, the subject line is managed by SHEx. Checking the 'Display my Secure-Mail subject…' gives control to the user.


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