Secure Health Exchange Colleague and Patient Contacts

Your available contacts are divided into two categories:

  • Directory: A list of professional users in the Brightsquid community
  • Patients: A list of patients associated with your practice


Professional Directory

When you first open your directory of professional users, the default list of colleagues displayed are your clinic’s “Recently Contacted” connections.  Any connection who has sent your clinic a message or received a message from your clinic will be displayed here.

You can view your colleague’s profile by selecting them from the list.  This view also allows you to send them a message, click the Secure-Mail button under their name, or jump to their clinic view by selecting the clinic name.


To search for other professional users that you and your clinic are not currently associated with, use the “Global Search” at the top of the page.  The search fields allow you to find other medical professionals filtered by name, location and/or speciality.


Patient List

This view gives you access to all the patients in Secure-Mail that have been invited to your clinic. It is not possible at this time to search the entire patient community in Brightsquid. Note that patients who have not accepted your invitation are designated by an orange triangle.  If a patient has not accepted your invitation you may edit their date of birth from this screen.



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